Pizza Party with Girls' Basketball Team, Princeton Lady Bengals

Do you like pizza? Cuz we love having pizza parties with female athletes, and we love designing custom basketball uniforms for female athletes. See our uniforms here: SPRHRA Women's and Girls' Basketball Uniforms.

I had a call the other day with an AAU Basketball coach, Clarence, who is one of the first coaches interested in SPRHRA. A few months prior, we held a pizza party in a conference room at a recreation center in Princeton, NJ. Clarence's team, the Princeton Lady Bengals, all came to this small-ish room. We watched the end of the WNBA NY Liberty game, then I gave each of them my book,
Becoming a Superhero. I told them my female athlete story, as vulnerably as appropriate, then we dove into the book. I wrote this book to heal my trauma from eating disorders, depression, and the body image dilemma I experienced. I told them what it was like to feel like you never fit in, yet seemingly fit in perfectly.

And like any women's sports team—though they were freshman and sophomores—they looked at me in a re-assuring way, that made me know I could trust them and they were there for me.

I finished my spiel and went into why I created a female athlete sports apparel brand, and specifically a girls' basketball uniform. I told them how we tailored the uniforms just for female basketball players and designed to enhance their basketball performance.

They tried on the basketball uniforms and gasped,"Oh my gosh, I've never worn a basketball uniforms that was this comfortable in my life. It is literally the basketball uniform made for me."

I smiled so hard.

When Clarence and I recently called me, he told me they were 100% without a doubt ordering girls' team uniforms. He then told me how frequently his girls' basketball team talks about our pizza party. I didn't realize how big of an impact quality time with these youth and teen basketball players meant. But that's how we do it differently at SPRHRA. We don't just offer the best basketball uniforms for girls and women. We offer a custom team experience so tahat every athlete can feel appreciated and loved At SPRHRA, we've built a Team Uniform Portal so that you and your team can make your basketball uniform design, and have fun in the process. We made sure our uniforms sizing fits youth basketball, girl's basketball and women's basketball.

Go get your team, and create your custom basketball uniforms and custom basketball jerseys so you can play your best all season.

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