Our Jump Wrap Spandex are my favorite short we have.

Yes, I have a favorite child. I’m not above it, and I’m honest. 

When I first tried out for volleyball in eighth grade, I asked my mom to buy me a thong. The spandex were tiny, and I didn’t want an underwear line. She gave me a hard ‘No.’ I’ve always translated ‘No,’ as ‘just not that way.’ I saved my $5 a week lunch money for 5 weeks, so I could go to Victoria’s Secret PINK and buy 5 thongs for $25.

I didn’t quite account for sales tax, so luckily a friend spotted me like $1.30. When I put my volleyball spandex on with my thong for the first time, I felt so uncomfy, especially because my glutes and leg are quite strong and big.

These were definitely not my baggy soccer or knee-length basketball shorts. It just all felt like…out there. I reflected on this when I made the Jump Wrap Spandex, really considering the impact I wanted them to have on our mindset and our performance.

Male photographer crouching down and photographing female athlete model who is posing in the SPRHRA Jump Wrap Spandex in Abyss, a baggy black t-shirt and crew shin-length black socks. There's a white background.

The Jump Wrap Spandex give me strength and can withstand any endurance.

They have become the short that loves my body more, the longer I wear them—no seriously, they hug my body closer, the sweatier I get.

I can jump as high as I can and lift as much as I can, without worrying about my butt falling out or the spandex not being able to endure that much weight. They’re smooth and incredibly lightweight; I feel almost naked while also super supported. And lastly that waistband…it never pains my gut.

I made the waistband a bit longer and looser because we all have different torso lengths, our stomachs and hips are all different sizes, and we all bloat differently. Bottom line, I didn’t want our female athletes to feel self-conscious about the way their body felt in spandex.

I didn’t want any of you to feel like I did in my first pair of volleyball spandex, it’s hard enough becoming good at a new sport. It’s hard enough being loving to your body and fighting how hard we can be on ourselves. I wanted us to feel powerful, strong, and free.

Happy Jump Wrapping,


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