This Monday, I sat in Nolan Hall, a conference room in the Georgetown University Thompson Athletic Center. I told 60 Georgetown Female Athletes my full Georgetown Story. I was physically facing Village C West #510, my freshman year dorm room. 

I had the darkest moments of my life in #510. I never thought I’d get out. I had a small, not even glimmer, of hope that someday I would use my pain to help others. 

As the strong-minded female athlete I was, I didn’t tell anyone about the darkness living inside of me. I had numbed the pain and pretended it didn’t exist. 

People tell me that strength is being vulnerable. I don’t necessarily agree. Sometimes you don’t have the capacity to be vulnerable. When you’re that restricted, you just need to find a way out. 

Once you get out, you can learn vulnerability. That’s what happened to me. 

The only way I could heal and move forward was to confront this pain head-on. I healed myself by acting through it.

I wrote my story and began talking about my experience, in order to peel back the layers of restriction. In turn, I found the Freedom I want to live for, every day. I work to live in this Freedom, every day. 

On Monday night, I connected with my freshman-year self again. She was brave, though she felt anything but. She knew that someday, she would be in Nolan Hall, healed.

Now, I’m a different kind of brave, because I’ve learned how to be vulnerable.

When we become vulnerable, we trust ourselves. When we trust ourselves, we start to remove all of the restriction we have placed on ourselves. Vulnerability and trust allow us to listen to who we are and learn what our superpowers are. 

Vulnerability and trust might just be your superpowers.


Myself and our athletes refuse to take it off. 

Elite collegiate and professional athletes have been testing these for months and giving us feedback, so we can build the best sportswear for you. 

We have never felt more Super because it was literally designed to give you Freedom.

I feel more vulnerable than ever going into this launch. I've been working towards this since my freshman year of college. But this Monday night reminded me of the faith I have built in myself. 

I have the most unbelievably talented team around me (day-to-day SPRHRA internal team, our athletes, and our community). They and you are my SPRHRAs. You make me feel loved, brave, and like a SPRHRA every day. Thank you <3

Reminder to all you SPRHRAs and what I keep telling myself—we do it for these big launch moments, we do it for the day-to-day grind, and we do it for the sweet memories and obstacles that make us into the SPRHRAs we are today. 


If you comfortable, can you share our story with one teammate? You don't know how great of an impact your recommendation and teammate-ship has. 

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